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You may think that hiring a maid or a housekeeper is something that only rich, wealthy people do. But you’d be mistaken – more and more people are paying for the help that they need around the home, and so they should. Life is too busy to clean a house to the standard you’d like it, so maid services are springing up here, there and everywhere now. Ask your friends – we’ll bet they all pay for a little extra help to come in from time to time. Here are some common reasons why people hire a maid service in their house or apartment:

To Save Time

It should come as no surprise that by hiring a maid in, you are saving yourself loads of time that could be spent better elsewhere. People lead very busy lives, and sometimes there just isn’t the time to dedicate to something as mundane as cleaning. All it takes is for a housekeeper to visit once or twice a week for a couple of hours and your house will be clean and orderly. Some people go even further and hire in people to do their ironing or even mow their lawns. If you need the help then it’s time you started getting it – and there are professional cleaners out there who would love to help you out.

For Hygiene Reasons

clean living room

It would be easy to ignore the cleaning jobs in your home, if it wasn’t for the risk of damage to health to you and your family. Floors, surfaces, toilets and showers are breeding grounds for germs so they need obliterating regularly in order to keep everyone healthy. For many parents with young children this is especially important – little hands love to wander around, picking up things that they shouldn’t. Knowing your house is clean and free from germs is very reassuring and it goes a long way to putting parents’ minds at rest. A professional cleaning service will leave your house gleaming and hygienic in the process.

Because of Incapacity

Many people just aren’t able to tackle all of the cleaning jobs that need doing. This may be because they have a bad back or another sort of injury, or perhaps they are too old or infirm to do the job. Some people struggle through the pain and clean anyway, but this presents a real risk of making things worse for themselves. Some people really need the help, and so they choose to hire in a housekeeper that can keep on top of all the usual domestic chores – it’s a real weight off their mind.

If the cleaning jobs in your house are starting to get you down then it’s time you called in the professionals. A maid service is just what you need – they will visit as regularly as you’d like them to, waving their magic wand across your house and saving your sanity in the process. Don’t struggle with your cleaning jobs any more – call in help and see how much time you can save!

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 License: Creative Commons image source

Joan Sanders is a happy go lucky person, who enjoys her work at New York Housekeeping, which specializes in cleaning services in Brooklyn. Whenever she isn’t busy, she enjoys traveling and exploring nature.

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Housework is one of those things that we all have to do, but very often it starts taking over our lives, leaving very little time for anything else to get done. If you have fallen into the trap of never-ending housework then it’s time you reviewed the situation. Where could you cut corners? Which jobs are absolutely necessary? Could you employ a cleaning service to come in and take the load off a little? Just like everything else in your life, housework needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Here are our tips on how to reduce your workload so you have more time for other things:

Are You Putting Off Something More Important?

A common mistake that a lot of people make is to busy themselves with housework because it stops them from being able to get on with things that are more important, but that they are perhaps putting off. Sure, housework needs to be done, but could those jobs wait a while? It’s important to recognize that you are procrastinating; otherwise you run the risk of turning into a bit of a martyr. Don’t use housework as an excuse not to do things – just get the essential things done and then move on to the big task that you are putting off. Often, working in your house is a bad idea because you are surrounded by all the jobs you still need to do, so get out and work somewhere else if you can.

Change Your Perspective

washing line from house to house

Rather than seeing housework as a boring chore that you have to limp through, attack it with vigor and energy. Ascertain an ‘end point’ otherwise you will be cleaning forever. Have fun while you clean by putting some music on, practicing mindfulness, or thinking over a dilemma as you work. Say to yourself that at a certain time, for example 11am, you will stop cleaning and get on with your day. Unless you make yourself work to a schedule you’ll end up fussing and the housework will never stop.

Use Our Top Tips

Make life as easy for yourself as possible by following some basic rules. Make sure everybody in the house knows to pick things up after themselves, thereby reducing the amount of clutter. Put dirty clothes straight in the washing machine to save baskets of washing hanging around everywhere. Make sure that everything has a home, and everybody knows to put things back in their home when they are not in use. Avoid having ornaments and trinkets as they are a pain to dust and only add to the clutter of a place. Do washing up as and when it crops up to prevent it from turning into a massive pile, and make sure everybody is doing their share of those sorts of jobs too.

The important thing to remember is while the housework IS a never-ending task; this doesn’t mean that you have to be doing it endlessly. Be efficient and strict with yourself, and make sure you stick to time limits strictly. When it is don’t, it’s done, so it’s time to move on and do something else.

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The author of this post, Lisa Fraser is an employee at Lux Maids, which offers cleaning services in New York. Her hobbies include cooking and traveling to different places.

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Kids are precious; they are those tiny bundles of joy that can lighten up your dullest day. Whether your own or your relative’s or even your friend’s, whoever’s child you have been in close contact with, you are bound to fall in love with it. Barring Damien from The Omen, that child is freaky. Aside from that, you also look forward to make them squeal with delight when they see you; one way to guarantee that is by giving them gifts. You will become their favorite. However shallow this sounds, you know you want that adorable child to love you more than anyone else, thus you can’t help but use bribery, so here are a few tips to help you out:

Bring out his inner Da Vinci: Every child is a curious little artist from the inside; they just need to express it. Help the child go all out, gift him art supplies. Crayons, colored pencils, glitter, water colour paints, scrapbooks, the works. Gift the kid that and some more. Make sure to give him/her enough paper to paint so that they spare the walls of the home, though even paper will not guarantee the wall’s safety.

Model Cars: If you are a man, you might just be tempted keep this gift to yourself and if you are a woman, lock it in a safe place as your husband/ elder son/ sibling/friend might just steal it. Model cars bring out the worst in men, mostly men. These miniature models of the best cars in the world bring out the inner child in anyone. BMWs, Trucks, Ferraris, Vintage cars, these model cars are available everywhere. Gift the child this and see him play away to glory. It is a very smart way to amuse children if they are distracting you. Imagining the races and marvelling at the sheer speed of these awesome model cars will keep them busy and thoroughly entertained. How else do you think the Fast and the Furious franchise spawned over 6 sequels?

model cars

Star Wars Light Sabers: You cannot, just cannot go wrong with these. Girls, boys, men, women give it to anyone and they will play. We will all become Luke Skywalker and be shocked if our fathers introduce themselves as Darth Vader. Anyway the point is, this is awesome, please buy.

playing child

Books: It will be a lifelong gift for the child if he/she gets into the habit of reading. From Famous Five series to Sweet Valley High, from Robinson Crusoe to Disney books and of course, the Harry Potter series, books are the best friend a child can make. Introduce the child to this world and see his/her imagination explode.

Photo Props Kits: Children are the biggest posers, yes far bigger than the teenage divas. Gift them these photo props which include nerd glasses, mustaches, red lips, and tiaras and watch them pose away to glory. This gift is to be given to slightly older kids though, they’ll enjoy it more. The very young ones might just break it and try to eat it. Nobody wants that unfortunate incident to occur.

photo props

These are a few suggestions you can follow when showering your favorite kid with gifts for any occasion. Have fun!

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This article has been contributed by Fred Samuels who is a part of T-Bar Model Cars, a company that offers Diecast model cars. He is very passionate about cars and bikes. Click here to know more about him and his company.

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Everyone wants to have a clear and beautiful skin. This is why there are a lot of products that our out in the market to make this dream a reality. Some products deliver what they promise while some are nothing but promises and nice advertisements. Luckily, there is one product that everyone can count on and that is the Exposed Skin Care product. A lot of people have already experienced the great benefits in Exposed while others are still uncertain about this product. This may be due to the fact that exposed has everything you need for a beautiful skin.  If you are one of those people then this article is for you.  Here are some things you need to know about Exposed Skin Care products.

What is Exposed Skin Care Products Made of?

Exposed calls itself the perfect blend of nature and science, this is due to the fact that exposed is made of both natural and synthetic ingredients that are intelligently combined to fight acne. To understand it better, let’s take a closer look of each ingredient and the uses of each and every single one of them:

Nature’s Ingredients:

  • Green tea- Has been known to relax both mind and body. Green tea has also been proven to be a potent anti-acne ingredient.  It has anti-bacterial property that kills the bacteria. At the same time it also contains antioxidant properties that helps protect the skin cells from the oxidative effects of free radicals. Scientific evidence to this was a research done in the University of Miami in 2009; the said research was published in Journal of drugs and Dermatology. They found out in the study that a 2% green tea cream applied to an acne-affected area improved in just 6 weeks.
  • Passion flower extract- this plant has been used for centuries to cure different kinds of medical conditions. It has also been used as a soothing agent for skin irritations. Passion flower extract has been added to Exposed skin care to relieve the irritation that is brought by other ingredients.
  • Aloe Vera- everyone knows the benefits in Aloe Vera as it is found in many skin care skin careproducts. According to studies, Aloe Vera helps hasten the healing of wounds and burns.
  • Sage Extract- this contains an anti-inflammatory property that helps decrease the redness and swelling of the acne. It also moisturizes the skin while being treated. Just like the green-tea, sage also contains antioxidants that are known to protect the skin from free-radical damage.
  • Licorice Root Extract- this also has an anti-inflammatory effect and it helps lighten scars too.

Science’ Ingredients:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide- one of the most common ingredients in anti-acne creams. Benzoyl Peroxide kills the bacteria both on the skin’s surface and inside the pores. It also decreases the oil or sebum production, preventing future breakouts.
  • Salicylic acid- another common ingredient to pimple fighting ointments and creams.  It helps unclog pores and at the same time shrinks it to prevent future clogging.
  • Glycolic acid- it has the similar effects of salicylic acid. It rids the skin from dead skin cells and unclogs the pores as well. A very impressive effect of glycolic acid is its ability to restore collagen in the skin to help it become more youthful.
  • Sulfur- this chemical is an age-old remedy to acne. it helps treat acne by absorbing excess oils on the skin. However, if it is used all by itself it has the potential to dry skin out causing more problems.
  • Azelaic Acid- this compound regulates the abnormal formation of skin cells around hair follicles. In return, this helps keep the hair follicles open and clog free.

Exposed virtually has everything you need for a clearer and more beautiful skin.

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Amy, a student from Chicago Illinois said that exposed skin care has been the only product that helped her battle with acne that started when she was very young. Exposed work for Amy and a lot of people, it  might work for you too.

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Microdermabrasion: What Is It?

Many people wind up seeing fine lines and wrinkles on their face that they simply cannot stand. This happens as we age, so don’t think that time is just being unfair to you. If you are someone who is particularly bothered by these fine lines and wrinkles, however, you may be looking for a way to get rid of them. One of the best courses of anti-aging action is known as microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion will remove the fine lines and wrinkles by removing the dead layer of your skin. If you want to know more about this wonderful treatment, here is the 4-1-1.


Getting Started

The first thing you should know about microdermabrasion is that there really are no risks that come with it, so don’t worry. What happens with microdermabrasion is that the top layer of your skin is removed, unveiling healthy skin underneath. A wand with a coarse head is run over your skin two or three times and followed by a vacuum to suction up the dead skin cells. This does two wonderful things.

First, it removes old, dead skin cells, allowing the newer, healthier cells to show. Secondly, it stimulates the dermis (second layer of skin) to produce collagen as well as new cells. Collagen is clinically used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. With microdermabrasion, you stimulate your skin to produce its own – without painful injections.

Treatment Options

You will go for treatments every couple of weeks until you see the results you desire.  The number of appointments you need will be discussed at your evaluation appointment.

What is great about microdermabrasion is that there are many ways it can be done. You can go to a spa or even to your doctor’s office for this treatment, but you can also do it yourself at home using a kit known as Riiviva. It can be a lot cheaper for you to do the treatments in your own home, because the kit will only cost you $400 and you can use it unlimited times. If you go for treatments in a spa, you can expect to spend at least $1000 or more. The Riiviva kit also comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Microdermabrasion is a great treatment to use if you have fine lines and wrinkles that are driving you absolutely nuts. It is virtually pain free and is affordable for almost every budget. The only thing you need to do is to decide whether you will be doing the treatments for yourself or having a professional do them for you. Don’t be upset about your lines and wrinkles any longer. Allow microderm to help you get your wrinkle free skin back and boost your confidence levels today!

About the Author: Rebecca Sanchez is a veteran esthetician who writes about skin, nails, makeup and overall health. She loves the Riiviva at home microdermabrasion system.

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